Using psychological insight and business know-how, we help companies create value by hiring the right people, backing the right management teams, developing extraordinary leaders, and navigating through periods of leadership transition. We also help manage executive succession and identify/nurture future stars to be ready for scaled leadership.

Our seasoned Management Psychologists have the right business acumen, experience, and insight to advise your organization on its most complex issues. All Kilberry advisors are doctoral level Psychologists or advanced degree holders who have worked with CEO’s and their direct reports in some of the world’s most respected companies. We have written the book on what it really takes to be successful at the top.

At Kilberry, we bring you the best.

The Team

Richard Davis, Ph.D.


Richard Davis Ph.D.

416 847 5826

Dr. Richard Davis is President of Kilberry and a CEO advisor.

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Katherine Alexander, Ph.D.


Katherine Alexander Ph.D.

416 847 5827

Dr. Katherine Alexander is an Organizational Psychologist and senior advisor.

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Anuradha Chawla, Ph.D.


Anuradha Chawla Ph.D.

416 847 5829

Dr. Anuradha Chawla is a CEO/C-Suite advisor and executive coach.

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Dale Bricker, MBA, D Litt et Phil

Senior Consultant

Dale Bricker MBA, D Litt et Phil

416 847 5831

Dr. Dale Bricker is a Senior Consultant and executive coach.

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John LaBianca

Senior Associate

John LaBianca M.A., SPHR

John is a consultant in Kilberry’s New York office with strategic HR and sports backgrounds.

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