Kilberry and Receptiviti Partner to Enable Better Executive Decision-Making Using AI and Organizational Psychology.

New solution for understanding organizational dynamics eliminates surveys altogether


TORONTO, August 31, 2017—Today, Kilberry and Receptiviti announced a partnership to revolutionize the way CEOs and CHROs understand the mood, motivation, and mindset of their organizations. The solution utilizes Receptiviti’s artificial intelligence (AI), psychology, and linguistics platform to diagnose key factors influencing employee success. The existing method of measuring employee sentiment and experience relies solely on cumbersome surveys deployed once or twice per year. Now, CEOs and CHROs will be able to understand what is really going on in the organization in real time and without any surveys whatsoever. Having such organizational intelligence enables key executives to implement leadership strategies that enhance performance.

The partnership combines Kilberry’s understanding of the key leadership levers for organizational change with Receptiviti’s proprietary technology in AI, machine learning, and Language-Psychology science that passively, intuitively and in real-time understands the people, relationships, group dynamics, and social hierarchies that form the foundation of high performing workforces. “Kilberry advises top executives in some of the world’s most successful companies,” says Jon Kreindler, CEO of Receptiviti, “and our partnership puts Receptiviti technology to work solving their most pressing leadership challenges.” Kilberry’s CEO, Dr. Richard Davis says, “Receptiviti’s technology is a revolutionary step forward in applying AI to advanced cognitive sciences research. The result truly enhances organizational intelligence.”


About Kilberry Inc.

Kilberry is a firm of management psychologists that provide executive assessment and development services to Investors, CEO’s, and Key Corporate Leaders. Using psychological insight and business experience, we help companies create value by choosing the right executives, backing the best management teams, developing extraordinary leadership, navigating through periods of leadership transition, and identifying hidden intangible assets. Kilberry has offices in New York and Toronto, from which the firm serves clients across the globe and in a wide range of industries.


About Receptiviti

Receptiviti is an AI technology company with deep roots in academia that uses AI, NLP, Machine Learning and proprietary Language-Psychology Science to reinvent the way organizations understand and engage their most important assets — people. Co-founded by world-renowned Language-Psychology Science pioneer, Professor James W. Pennebaker, Receptiviti’ applies natural language processing techniques to quantitatively examine peoples’ psychologies and delivers insights that inform a broad range of systems — from AI bots, to mental health treatments, to predictive threat detection. Headquartered in Toronto, the company is comprised of PhDs, computational linguists, data scientists, software engineers, and some of the world’s foremost experts in NLP, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


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